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  • Time and Attendance

    Employers today do not have time to manually gather their employees’ time and attendance data. Manual entries result in lost information, inaccurate time-keeping, and missed payments. So why do it? DM Payroll Solutions automates your time gathering process for you. Unlike with other payroll companies, you are not required to enter your employee information changes […] Read More

  • Time and Attendance

      Through a strategic partnership, we offer a complete scheduling feature that is designed to enable the creation and management of both permanent and temporary employee schedules. This provides supervisors with the ability to create a distinct point of reference for employee information, while providing the system with the expected start and end times of […] Read More

  • Time Clock Integration

    Every employer is looking for a trusted solution to their time and attendance challenges. Whether it is the accuracy of their time keeping or meeting submission deadlines, DM Payroll Solutions is here to help. We automate your time keeping process, providing you with the accuracy and timeliness that your business requires. We have also integrated […] Read More

  • Single Point of Entry

    An integral element of our system – and one of which we are very proud – is the functionality that requires data to be entered only once. As an employee’s data is entered into the payroll system, in real time, they are added to both the payroll system database as well as the time and […] Read More

  • Family & Medical Leave Act

    The Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) gives qualified employees the ability take a leave of absence without jeopardizing their jobs.  Employers are required to maintain specific records which track the amount of leave employees takes on a daily basis. This record keeping process can be tedious and laborious.  To simplify this task DM Payroll Solutions FMLA tracking program allows […] Read More

  • About Us

    DM Payroll Solutions began in 1962 as a traditional computer service bureau providing automated data processing services (billing, accounts payable, invoicing, etc.) including payroll processing for companies of all sizes and from every industry. During our early years, we learned that the key to successfully fulfilling the needs of our customers was to deliver flexible […] Read More