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Biometric Hand Reader

With the implementation of this device, gone will be the days of your worries about one employee punching in or out for another. “Buddy punching” is impossible with a system that requires authentication of a physical trait, and this does.

Moreover, we can provide you with other such devices that make “buddy punching” difficult, if not impossible. They include:

  • Fingerprint clocks
    This requires the same type of authentication as a Biometric Hand Reader. It is not possible to replicate and hand print, and it is just as impossible to “fake” a finger print.
  • Barcode readers
    A card issued to each employee, Joe must actually give the card to Paul for him to swipe Joe in. Not impossible to have happen, but still more difficult than simply grabbing Joe’s time card and punching him in.
  • Proximity readers
    This uses Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID. A small transponder emits a passive signal, picked up by receivers within a facility.

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