Human Resources

Isn’t it time you transformed your HR Department into a strategic resource? Whether your biggest HR challenges are On-Boarding your new employees, managing existing employee information, benefit tracking or simply staying compliant, DM Payroll Services has a solution to help streamline your process.

Applicant Tracking

From recruitment to onboarding, properly managing your employees’ career life cycle is vital to the success of your business. At DM Payroll Services, we understand that. We efficiently streamline the new applicant-to-onboarding process for you. With our hire-to-retire application, you can manage open jobs, applicant responses, and more with just a few simple clicks. Let […]

Human Resources Library

At DM Payroll Services, we recognize the importance of providing robust HR solutions to our clients. Whether it’s easy-to-use managerial tools or comprehensive employee data collection, it’s our goal to supply the solutions your business needs to succeed. Through our partnership with HR360, we have been able to expertly service our clients’ HR needs now […]

Performance Management

This application gives you a streamlined system by which to provide and document communications with employees regarding such confidential, and potentially delicate, matters as: Disciplinary measures Letters of commendation Performance reviews Increases or decreases in compensation Changes in corporate or organizational structure Changes in workplace logistics Changes in pay grade level COLA adjustments This also […]

Time Off Requests

Simple and intuitive, our employee self-service site eliminates the challenges of both managing and monitoring employee time off requests. When an employee submits a request, administrators are instantly notified and given the option to approve or reject the time off request. • With the Myinfo site, requesting time off is made easy • Employees can […]

Benefits Administration

Properly managing employee benefit programs is critical to the success of any company. That’s why DM Payroll Services strives to provide the best benefit administrative solutions for their clients. We will automatically notify employers when their employees are eligible for benefit enrollment and when their benefit status changes, the carriers are automatically notified. Bringing your […]