Today’s business needs data now more than ever. DM Payroll Solutions extensive list of built-in reports makes it easy to capture and display your data in seconds. Need a customized report? Our team of developers are available to create a report that best fits your needs.

Employee Earnings Records

When you need to gather earnings information for an employee, our automated systems provide you with complete records of an employee’s pay history. Our employee earnings reports cover up-to seven years of past pay records. Our reports provide all the necessary income for verifying: Income Withholding Deductions Hours Worked  

Certified Payroll

Manually completing your certified payroll report is a time-consuming process that may result in several expensive prevailing wage violations. That is why we automate the certified payroll process for you. Never get caught off-guard by unexpected wage restitution with DM Payroll Solutions. Certified Payroll Checklist √ List of employees √ Employee job classification √ Total […]

General Ledger Assistant

Don’t let trying to account for all your payroll expenditures get the better of you. Simplify the tracking of your payroll accounting data with our General Ledger Assistant. This time-saving feature creates an import-ready file that delivers all your payroll journal entries, ranging from wage expenses, to FICA taxes and more, directly to your accounting […]

401(k) 360° Integration

Compiling sensitive employee data for transfer to your 401(k) provider is simple with DM Payroll Solutions’ 401(k) 360° Integration reporting. This feature allows our system to directly integrate with all major third-party 401(k) administrators — providing for seamless data sharing between systems to eliminate frustrating data submissions, and expedite plan deposits and year-end compliance requirements. […]

Software Customization

Finding the right match for your business can be a challenge. You will encounter companies that are too rigid or are not willing to go the extra mile for their clients. At DM Payroll Solutions, we have a different philosophy. We will listen to your concerns, work directly with you to formulate a solution, and […]

Deduction Reporting

DM Payroll Solutions believes in the importance of providing flexible services to their clients. Our deduction report is no exception to this claim. Track any deduction you want with a simple click of a button. 401k? Medical? Garnishments? All the deductions you select are tracked and presented in an easy-to-read report during each payroll period. […]

Employee Time-Off Accruals

Providing flexible solutions for our clients is a priority at DM Payroll Solutions. This is why we have enabled the integration of customizable accrual rules, created by the client, into our system. Based on your specific accrual rules, we calculate your employees’ benefits for you. Don’t want to use accrual rules? No problem! Manually enter […]