DM Payroll Solutions automates the tedious and time-consuming 401k reporting for you.

401k Report Integration

Manually compiling your employees’ 401k information is a tedious and time consuming process. DM Payroll Solutions automates your 401k reporting for you. We capture employee deductions, track 401k loans, and calculate company matches with efficiency in mind. A report with your desired 401k information can be created during each pay period. Eliminate multiple entries and reporting errors with DM Payroll Solutions.

Files are formatted to your administrator’s standards
• Ascensus
• Voya
• Principal
• Mutual of America
• Transamerica
• Empower
• John Hancock


Allows multiple 401k options
• Roth
• Roth Catch-up
• 401k Loan
• 401k Catch-up
• Company Match
• and more