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Payroll Security

At DM Payroll Solutions, we understand the importance of adopting reliable security solutions in order to protect our clients. This is why we provide a secure, HTTPS and Citrix® protected platform that enables access to your employees’private payroll information without the risk of outside intrusion. Your security is our priority at DM Payroll Solutions.

Employee Change Report: The Employee Change Report shows all changes that been made before payroll submission. The report also details the individual users that made the change and the date the changes were made.

Email Notification: DM Payroll Solutions will automatically notify employees and their payroll administrators of any changes made to their bank account, Designated officers will also receive an email when an employee rate change occurs.

Payroll Preview: Before submitting your payroll, DM Payroll Solutions recommends that you use our Payroll Preview report. The Payroll Preview shows your gross to net, company summary totals, wage & garnishment payments, and manual adjustments.