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General Service Overview

1. Payroll Processing
Our custom designed payroll processing software enables our company to provide flexible, quality services for all of our clients. Our system is continuously updated to cater to the ever-changing needs of our clients.

2. Complete Payroll Tax Filing
We will file your taxes on your behalf, promising both accuracy and timeliness to all your payroll tax filings. We also take responsibility for any filing-related penalties and accrued interest.

3. Award-Winning Customer Service
Our customer support team comprises entirely of 4-year accounting degreed staff that are at-the-ready to answer any and all of your payroll-related questions and concerns.

4. Wage and Garnishment Tracking
We take care of all your garnishment responsibilities for you by:

• Keeping your company compliant with all court orders.
• Prioritizing garnishments by their withholding significance.
• Accurately calculating all unique employee garnishments.

5. ACA Tracking and Reporting
Our payroll processing system tracks when your employees are eligible for healthcare, in addition we also produce and file all your 1094 and 1095 forms for you.

6. Time Clock Integration
We interface with virtually all time clock systems
• NovaTime
• Attendance on Demand
• Acumen Data Systems
• and more

7. Employee Self-Service
Through our employee self-service site, your employees will be able to
view and update their information on the go:
• View Pay Stubs
• Change W4 Information
• Complete I9 Forms
• Vacation / PTO Requests
• and more

8. Direct Deposit/Paperless Payroll
At DM Payroll Services, we encourage the option of paperless payroll for our clients. By choosing a paperless option (direct deposit or payroll cards), your company will save both time and money by avoiding the hassle of printing and passing out check to your employees.

9. Payroll Card Options
We understand that direct deposit is not the payroll solution for all employees. That’s why we offer payroll cards that are safe, easy-to-use, and completely free to both the employer and the employee when used correctly.

10. Payroll Security
Our payroll processing system is a secure, HTTPS and Citrix protected platform that enables you to access your employees’ private payroll information without the risk of outside intrusion. Employees are automatically notified when their bank account information changes.

11. Time Off and Accrual Tracking
The integration of customizable  accrual rules, created by our clients, are placed into our system. Based on their specific accrual rules, we calculate their employees’ benefits for them. The option for manual entry of employees’ earned and used time off is also included.

12. Integrated HR System
We provide an integrated Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that encapsulates all the vital employee data you need to track and report. Both company-wide and individual employee reports are provided.

13. Customizable Report Writer
Take control of your reporting with our fully customizable report writer. The report writer enables you to create both basic or complex reports. Combine various reporting options to make a report that fits your company’s exact needs.



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