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Standard Reports


At DM Payroll Solutions we understand that no one client operates the same as the next. Because each client is so unique, the reporting requirements are unique as well.   At DM Payroll Solutions, we understand the importance of reporting and have designed our systems to provide you with all the necessary and customized reporting you require.

Some of our most common reports include:

  • General Ledger
  • Employee Hours Report
  • Hours/Dollar Analysis Reporting
  • Employee Pay Rate or Change Reporting
  • Department of Labor Reporting
  • 401K Reporting
  • Union Dues Reporting
  • Gross-to-Net Reporting
  • Tax Reporting
  • EEO Reporting

And with the use of our Payroll Control Report Writer, our system allows you to create and customize most any report. After all, what good is data if you can’t analyze it in a way that fits your needs.