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Time and Attendance


Employers today do not have time to manually gather their employees’ time and attendance data. Manual entries result in lost information, inaccurate time-keeping, and missed payments. So why do it? DM Payroll Services automates your time gathering process for you. Unlike with other payroll companies, you are not required to enter your employee information changes multiple times. Instead, we provide a single point of entry system that saves you the time you need. Efficiency is the answer with DM Payroll Services.

Supported time and attendance technologies:
• NOVAtime Smart Clock
• Biometric Hand Punch
• Mobile Applications
• PC Punch-in

Time and attendance features:
• One Point of Entry
• Eliminates “Buddy Punching”
• Intuitive and Easy to Use
• Custom Dashboard
• Point Policy Calculations
• Expert Customer Service
• Employee Self-Service
• Vacation / Sick Accruals
• Custom Reporting
• Advanced Scheduling
• Expense Management
• DOL Compliance

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