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Payroll Chatter | 5 Benefits of Paperless Payroll

Senior District Representative, Brandon Sullivan, shares five important benefits of taking your payroll system paperless.

Payroll Chatter | What Every Contractor Should Look for in a Payroll Solution

District Representative, Alexis Waple, shares the top features contractors should prioritize when selecting a payroll provider.

Payroll Chatter | Best Practices for a Mid-Year Payroll Provider Change

Senior District Representative, Brandon Sullivan, sheds light on best practices for making a switch in payroll providers.

Payroll Chatter | The American Rescue Plan’s Impact on Payroll-Related Tax Credits

Senior District Representative, Brandon Sullivan, shares how President Biden’s new legislation may affect employers’ employee retention credit (ERC).

Payroll Chatter | The Power of Automating Your Onboarding Process

District Representative, Alexis Waple, discusses the many benefits of automating an organization’s employee onboarding system.

Payroll Chatter | Ways to Streamline HR Processes With Benefits Administration

District Sales Representative, Danielle Coffee, shares how benefits administration software can boost efficiency in an organization.

Payroll Chatter | Ways to Prevent Payroll Fraud in Your Business

District Representative, Christian Hopkins, discusses the various forms of payroll fraud your business should be aware of and strategies to prevent it.

Payroll Chatter | New Payroll Bill’s Impact on the Employee Retention Credit

Senior District Representative, Brandon Sullivan, shares insights on how the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 could affect the employee retention credit for your business.