About Us

You run a business; maybe, you’re the owner. Either way, you know how difficult it is to make sure that, administratively, all of your ducks are in a row. You appreciate the intricacies involved for you to pay your staff; withhold taxes; submit the proper reports; and maintain compliance with a myriad of regulations. If you don’t do these things to the letter…and on time, you will have problems.

This is where we come in. We are Data Management Payroll Services (DM Payroll Services), and we solve any of the problems that owners and managers experience when it comes to payroll and human resource processing. We are a privately-held company established in 1962, which means that our focus is not on satisfying unknown and unknowing parties, but in exceeding the expectation of our clients.

During our early years, we learned that the key to successfully fulfilling the needs of our customers was to deliver flexible and quality products. Today, we still take that same approach and collectively, our leadership team has acquired more than a century of experience in the fields of payroll and human resource processing.

We are based in metropolitan Detroit which gives us several distinct advantages. One is that many of our clients are in rough-and-tumble industries, so we have come to appreciate how hard they have to work to keep their businesses afloat. We respect this, and do what we can to help them to remove any payroll-related obstacles to their own profitability. We have offices in Florida and Texas which broadens our area of operations and gives us the extended perspective that not everything is done in the same way, everywhere.

We place a high degree of importance on service. Both our production and customer service staffs are based in our Troy, Michigan headquarters and our service teams are staffed with four-year degreed accounting professionals. This not only provides technical proficiency, but solidifies our consultative approach to service. We do not have standard service packages because we know that no two businesses are exactly alike in how they operate, or what they need. We realize that, to help you, we must know you.

We take pride in the fact that we are very much more than providers of services. Frequently, we develop a custom software package tailored to meet your specific needs. We can do this since our software is developed and tested by our internal programming staff at our headquarters. We listen to you because, quite often, our clients have a need that simply cannot be met by any other payroll company.

You are not simply a number to us on a large spreadsheet; you are a client. We will not simply talk about clearing up your problems; we will fix them. Call us to find out more… 248-244-3100 …and get started.