DM Payroll Solutions’ network of partners offers clients an intuitive, precise and customized approach to time and attendance tracking.

Time and Attendance

DM Payroll Solutions simplifies monitoring, reporting and converting employees’ daily attendance, time-off requests, overtime hours and expenses into accurate payroll metrics for a business of any size. Driven by automation, in tandem with our preferred partners, our seamless workflows allow you to increase your time and attendance efficiencies while controlling labor costs and minimizing high-stake compliance risks.

Simple Time Entry: Our systems support easy-to-use recording for employees to track every hour worked via an array of channels, including online, mobile applications, biometric hand punches and swipe cards.

Automated Pay Rules: Conversion of employee data into accurate paychecks occurs automatically by configuring multiple pay rates to meet overtime regulations and labor rules.

User-Friendly Administration: View and interact with real-time employee data for meaningful analysis and reporting through insightful administration tools to help handle attendance issues and make better staffing decisions.

Self-Service Portal: Empower your employees to take control by accessing and managing their time, vacation requests, pay data and much more through an intuitive self-service portal.

Combining Powerful Tools

DM Payroll Solutions’ software platforms offer full integrations with many major time and attendance systems, such as:

  • Attendance on Demand
  • Acumen Data Systems
  • NOVAtime
  • TimeClock Plus
  • Plex

Don’t see your system listed? No worries, we can integrate with almost any system. Just ask us.

Learn more about the benefits our time and attendance solutions have to offer your business. Contact us today!