DM Payroll Solutions' vaccination reporting tracker makes managing federal vaccination compliance requirements a breeze.

COVID-19 Vaccination Reporting Tracker

Scrambling to figure out how you’ll track your employees’ vaccinations? You’re not alone. DM Payroll Solutions’ vaccination reporting tracker feature will allow you to manage federal vaccination compliance requirements for your workforce with ease.

Tracker Features

Simplify your COVID-19 vaccine tracking today with these easy-to-use features in our software solutions.

HIPPA Security

Keep sensitive employee data secure with built-in features to allow only certain administrators to view vaccine information.

Vaccination Status

Track each of your employee’s immunization status, including exemptions and inoculation details.

Vaccination Records

Upload employees’ immunization cards or allow them to do it via the employee self-service portal.

Quick Reporting

Authorized users are able to easily download an up-to-date vaccination status report on your workforce, where employees can be filtered by status.

No-Hassle Updates

As mandates change, the tracker feature will be updated without requiring further work from you.

Questions about how the vaccination reporting tracker feature works? Contact customer service today.