DM Payroll Solutions’ Employee Profiles feature allows you to manage and monitor your talent’s employment profiles, documents, training and performance with ease.

Employee Profiles

Help keep your HR team connected to critical employee data at a moment’s notice. You can save everything from employment information and qualifications to performance appraisals and signed employee documents in one secure place for your entire workforce.

Talent Profile Creation: Capture and store important data for each of your employees including hiring information, personal contact information, emergency contacts, dependents, pay rates, job titles and much more to create their profile for easy access when needed.

Training and Performance Tracking: Continuously track performance and ongoing training to make crucial talent management decisions.

Employee Document Management: Maintain personnel files in a well-organized and easily accessible manner.

Career Development: Track employees’ new certifications, promotions and more as they progress in their careers.

Stop filing your employees’ information and documentation away in a filing cabinet where it could be lost or forgotten. Contact us to take your personnel files paperless.