The MyInfo self-service portal connects employees to their data from anywhere at any time.

MyInfo Self-Service Portal

DM Payroll Solutions’ MyInfo self-service portal empowers and engages your employees to manage their own employment and pay information. With its simple and intuitive interface, MyInfo gives them 24/7 secure access to everything from paystubs to W-2s, and much more while on the go.

Easy Onboarding: Before day one, your employees can leverage the MyInfo site to enter their personal contact information, complete W-4s and I-9s, set up direct deposit, allocate paychecks to their preferred bank accounts and name emergency contacts.

On-the-Go Access: Employees can easily access their pay stubs, download W-2s, change W-4 info, request time off and more in the portal via the internet or Apple and Android mobile apps.

Company-Wide Communications: Post company memos, handbooks or other announcements to build a reliable communication channel with your employees.

Approval Workflows: Automatic workflows route employees’ modifications, time-off requests and documents to your internal payroll administrator for approval before being stored and put to use in the system.

Employees’ information doesn’t need to be lost in a mess of paperwork anymore thanks to DM Payroll Solutions’ MyInfo self-service portal. To learn more about the portal and our suite of talent management solutions, contact us today.