Rely on DM Payroll Solutions to effectively and accurately manage the wage garnishment process for your business.

Wage Garnishment Management

Today, wage garnishments are a common-day payroll nuisance that comes with significant financial and legal consequences if mishandled. Compounding the process is a myriad of complex federal, state and local regulations dictating the many types of garnishment orders. Reduce your stress and risk associated with your employees’ garnishments by allowing DM Payroll Solutions to navigate the process for you from beginning to end.

Compliance Assured: Operate with confidence knowing we will handle interpreting and implementing garnishment orders to align with appropriate regulations, mitigating your risk of compliance penalties.

Withholding Prioritization: DM Payroll Solutions prioritizes withholding amounts for more sensitive wage garnishments, ensuring they are addressed and paid out first.  

Deduction Accuracy: Instead of manually calculating deductions from each employee’s paycheck, our software solutions handle this calculation accurately and reconcile them on your behalf every pay period.

Payment Automation: Never forget to remit payment to each agency again with our automatic payment transfer functionality.

To learn more about our wage garnishment management services or to request a quote, contact DM Payroll Solutions today.