At DM Payroll Solutions, our onboarding features make hiring new employees a simple, streamlined task for your organization.


Managing your new employees’ onboarding operations has never been easier. Driven by automation, DM Payroll Solutions offers onboarding functionality to help drive a well-structured, more effective onboarding program to engage employees before day one.

Convenient Data Collection: Avoid an overwhelming exchange of paper forms on a new hire’s first day with an online, intuitive step-by-step onboarding process allowing you to collect necessary data, employment and direct deposit documents, and signatures ensuring a career start with error-free data.

Engage New Hires: Set the stage for a successful career with your company by engaging with new hires to share expectations and company policies to foster productivity from the start.

Boost Your First Impression: Influence your new employees’ first impressions of your organization with a uniform, welcoming onboarding process to exemplify its culture in a positive manner to drive the likelihood of increased job loyalty.

Streamline Administrative Tasks: With online data collection, stage reporting and sharing automation, administrative tasks associated with bringing on new employees, such as payroll set-up and profile management, seamlessly keep the process moving forward for your HR team.

With DM Payroll Solutions’ onboarding features, your HR department can stop wasting time manually tracking new employees’ inductions into your organization to focus on what really matters – engaging with your organization’s most important asset – its employees.

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