DM Payroll Solutions allows you to effectively recruit, onboard and manage your employees in one place.

Talent Management

A successful business starts with its people. At DM Payroll Solutions, we know your employees are the most crucial part of your company, so we offer all-encompassing talent management solutions to help you effectively manage your people easily from hire to retire. Discover the tools we’ve integrated into our payroll software to optimize your HR team’s efforts.

Applicant Tracking

Keeping up with all of your potential candidates coming in via different recruiting channels can be overwhelming when trying to hire the right talent fast. Easily manage job openings and track each applicant through the candidate pipeline with our applicant tracking offerings.

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Onboarding can be a time-consuming process, but DM Payroll Solutions has streamlined it into an intuitive process for both you and your employees. New hires can submit all their employment forms and data before their start date to be effortlessly transitioned into payroll elements with just a few clicks.

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Benefits Administration

Offering persuasive benefit packages to attract and retain top talent doesn’t have to translate into more benefits administration work. We offer centralized solutions to easily enroll, renew and manage your workforce’s employee benefits online with powerful tools to reduce efforts and drive better decision making.

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HR Resources

Hiring, managing and terminating employees can be complex at times. Fortunately, we have a suite of tools to help your HR department succeed. From labor law updates and employment forms to retention tools and live support, we’ve got you covered.

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Profile Manager

DM Payroll Solutions’ Profile Manager allows you to build talent profiles, track training and performance efforts and store personnel file documents for each of your employees all in one convenient place.

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To learn more about our suite of talent management tools, contact DM Payroll Solutions today.