Easily integrate payroll into your general ledger with a few clicks with DM Payroll Solutions’ general ledger solutions.

General Ledger Solutions

Don’t let trying to account for all your payroll expenditures get the better of you. Simplify the tracking of your payroll accounting data with our general ledger solutions. This time-saving feature creates an import-ready file that delivers all of your payroll journal entries, ranging from wage expenses to FICA taxes and more, directly to your accounting software package.

Unlimited Accounts: Map endless payroll-related accounts to tie perfectly to your general ledger accounts.

Easy Setup: Enjoy a hands-off setup while DM Payroll Solutions’ staff maps all your payroll general ledger accounts for your review.

Automated Reporting: Receive a general ledger reporting file every payroll period that contains the expense information you need to import into your accounting software.

Accurate Data: Avoid manual reentries from system-to-system to remove the possibility of human error, and ensure an accurate and secure exchange of data.

Tailored Analytics: Quickly run general ledger reports organized by department, expense accounts, time frame or other ways relevant to your business with a click of a button.

Dedicated Support: Live phone support via our CPA-designated customer support team can help answer your payroll-related general ledger questions.

Accounting Software Integrations

Check out the popular accounting software our general ledger solutions can integrate with:

  • QuickBooks
  • Sage
  • PLEX
  • SAP
  • Great Plains
  • CloudSuite
  • IDEA
  • Odoo

Start saving time with our general ledger solutions today. Contact us to learn more about an integration with your accounting system.