Optimize your recruiting process from beginning to end with DM Payroll Solutions’ applicant tracking tools.

Applicant Tracking

Elevate your recruiting process to secure top talent with new applicant-to-onboarding intuitive solutions. DM Payroll Solutions’ software solutions allow you to manage branded job postings, screen candidates, streamline interview efforts and track candidates’ progress through the pipeline with ease. Access to valuable decision-making metrics will allow you to make hiring decisions with a click of a button and swiftly move new hires to the onboarding process with no data re-entry.

Hassle-Free Job Postings: Eliminate the hassle of working between systems by easily posting and managing multiple jobs directly from the applicant tracking component. Customize your application process to collect the information you desire from your applicants beyond just resumes.

Systematic Candidate Screening: Alleviate some burden on your recruiters and interviewers by customizing interviewing questions for each open position to get the answers you’re looking for in order to move a candidate to the next level. Interviewer notes and candidate evaluations can all easily be stored in the systems to access at any time.

Top Talent Captivation: Tap into more talent by attracting a pool of top candidates with branded career sites and an engaging application experience.

Insightful Tracking: Never lose sight of where candidates are in the application pipeline with user-friendly dashboards providing real-time data on applicants as they move from one stage to another in the process.

Secure your next greatest employee with the applicant tracking tools DM Payroll Solutions has to offer you. Contact us to learn more.