Payroll Briefs

Efficiencies Gained When You Automate Onboarding

July 27, 2021

The process of onboarding new hires is a necessary, but complex, part of an organization’s talent management system. On top of getting your new hires up to speed with their new roles, there’s a mountain of paperwork for taxes, benefits and payroll that must be addressed. Fortunately, onboarding automation is an accessible technology many organizations benefit from in a multitude of ways. Check out these four key reasons why you should consider onboarding automation within your organization.

1. Streamline Data Collection

Above all else, an onboarding automation solution is the quickest and easiest way to capture new hires’ personal information. Avoid the overwhelming stack of paper forms on your new employee’s first day with an intuitive, step-by-step online portal to gather employment information, submit direct deposit documents, sign tax forms and obtain all necessary signatures.

2. Boost Accuracy and Compliance

Empowering your new hires to submit their information into a secure online platform removes the possibility of human error when manually entering data entry, virtually eliminating mistakes. Onboarding automation software also allows employers timestamped records of employees’ submissions, proving they signed off on company policies and regulations in the event of any future discrepancies.

3. Optimize Face Time

Freeing up your HR team from handling the tedious tasks of onboarding allows them to make more impactful connections with new hires. Instead of answering commonly asked questions that could be found within your onboarding automation system, they can have meaningful discussions with new hires to ensure they’re prepared for their new roles.

4. Further Green Initiatives

With all of your new employees’ paperwork submitted digitally, your HR department will drastically decrease paper usage. Good for your budget, great for the environment.

An Onboarding Solution That Works for You

While onboarding automation software sounds like a luxury made for large corporations, it’s a surprisingly affordable technology which can fit into any size of business. DM Payroll Solutions’ unique onboarding automation solution encompasses all four of the aforementioned benefits, allowing your HR team to focus on what really matters when hiring new employees – engaging with them and reinforcing your company’s values. Contact us today to learn more about our onboarding automation capabilities, as well as our unified recruiting application options.