Payroll Briefs

The Power of a Good Onboarding System

March 1, 2019

Today’s workplace moves at a much faster pace. To help your new hires hit the ground running on day one and keep track of their evolution as an employee, you need to have the right tools in place from the start. That means having a proper onboarding process and system ready to go to capture data from the time of application submission.

Shockingly, even with the progression of  technology, many companies still do all their onboarding functions by hand. This can quickly become overwhelming for any human resources team trying to manage their growing workforce in an evolving environment of complex regulations, tax guidelines, benefits, employee manuals and piles of paperwork. By going the manual route, the process is doomed from the start – riddled with inefficiencies and susceptible to compliance violations and employee dissatisfaction.

Plugging-In to Onboarding Technology

While you may feel burdened by the current onboarding process at your company, there are options available to help improve and expedite the process. By using an onboarding and applicant tracking software, your company can help improve workplace efficiency, consolidate record-keeping efforts, accelerate employee training and development, and make a good first impression with your new hires.

Here are there ways an effective onboarding system, like DM Payroll’s, can amp-up your company’s onboarding experience:

1. Enhances employee retainment. Starting a new job is a major adjustment for every individual. And, the onboarding process leaves a lasting impression on new anxious employees. Leveraging this type of technology platform not only only shows your business is up-to-date with the times, but also allows for a seamless onboarding experience – reassuring them they’ve made the right decision to join your company’s team.

2. Improves workplace efficiencies. Onboarding software offers an easy, user-friendly online platform allowing new hires the flexibility to review, fill out and legally sign all their forms before even coming in for their first day. Some, including DM Payroll’s, can also populate information across forms helping to minimize their time completing all the required new hire forms.

Beyond that it will also reduce the efforts your human resources team needs to invest in each new hire. For example, DM Payroll’s onboarding system goes through the complete evolution of a new hire into an employee, from application submission, to the completion of critical forms and sign-off of employee manual reviews, the system uses auto-populating and push mechanisms to trigger completion with minimal effort by the human resources team.

3. Reduces paperwork and files. The onboarding process produces a lot of paper. Using an electronic process allows you to gather all the critical information and forms, even before their start date, to help eliminate stacks of paperwork exchanging hands on day one. Best of all, completed forms can automatically create the new employee’s folder – no need to print, copy or scan paper.

Ready to simplify your onboarding process and stop wasting valuable time? Take the steps to move your onboarding process from manual to automated with DM Payroll by contacting us today.