Payroll Briefs

The Power of Automating Your Onboarding Process

August 25, 2022

Today, the process of onboarding new hires brings many challenges for businesses and their HR departments. From complicated inter-department processes, to navigating an increasingly remote workforce, to the importance of providing a great first impression to your candidates, it is easy to become overwhelmed when bringing on new talent. Fortunately, you can streamline your onboarding process with the help of automation software. DM Payroll Solutions shares the top three reasons your organization can benefit from onboarding automation.

1. Enhance Workplace Efficiencies

Onboarding software offers an easy, user-friendly online platform allowing new hires the flexibility to review, fill out and legally sign all their forms before starting their first day. Beyond that, it also reduces the efforts your human resources team needs to invest in each new hire.

2. Improve Employees’ First Impressions

Starting a new job is a major adjustment for any individual, and your onboarding process is sure to help them form an opinion of your business. Leveraging automated onboarding not only shows your business is up-to-date with the times, but also allows for a seamless onboarding experience, especially when dealing with a remote workforce.

3. Reduce Paperwork and Files

The onboarding process has historically required a lot of paper. Using an electronic process allows you to gather critical information and forms to help eliminate stacks of paperwork exchanging hands on day one. With automation, you can also eliminate manual data-entry errors that can occur from inputting information from paper forms into various digital systems. Best of all, completed forms can automatically create the new employee’s folder – no need to print, copy or scan paper.

Your Answer to Onboarding Automation

To address your onboarding needs, DM Payroll Solutions’ robust onboarding feature that empowers you to transfer an applicant to a new employee with just a few clicks. New hires are guided through the onboarding process via email notifications to collect necessary data and documents before day one. You can follow along with their progress thanks to tracking mechanisms and their responses will connect directly to your payroll system.

For employers who require extensive onboarding elements, such as interdepartmental checklists, DM Payroll Solutions has partnerships with well-known platforms to allow automated sharing of information between their platform and the payroll functions of DM Payroll Solutions’ software.

To learn more about our advanced onboarding feature, contact DM Payroll Solutions today.