Payroll Briefs

The Top 3 Perks of Employee Self-Service Platforms

December 11, 2020

Your HR manager’s role knows no bounds, from onboarding new employees to updating employee information to creating company communications. One of the more tedious parts of the job is managing mountains of paperwork for these aforementioned events and keeping accurate records. If this is a pain point in your business, it may be time to look into an HR and payroll self-service platform for your employees. DM Payroll Solutions explores the benefits and shares insights on why you should make the switch in 2021.

1. Make a Great First Impression

If you’re starting off the year with a new hire (or many), the onboarding process will be a priority to your business. After all, onboarding is an employee’s first experience of your company. Instead of welcoming your new employees with a pile of W-4s, I-9s, contact information and direct deposit preferences, a self-service platform allows them to complete this information before they start their first day online. This way, your new hires have a first-class onboarding experience and can jump into getting familiar with their new responsibilities quicker.

2. Provide Easy Access to Personal Records

With many employees to manage, there are always new requests coming in for HR managers to update employee records after a life change or share pay stubs. Self-service platforms empower your employees to access their W-2s, update their W-4s, request vacation time, download financial information and more. By allowing your employees access to their own information, you free up your HR manager’s schedule to focus more on your best asset: your people.

3. Create a Company-Wide Information Hub

Not only can a self-service portal store your employees’ onboarding documentation and allow them to modify their personal records, it also serves as a one-stop resource for all things “your company”. Employees can access your calendar, handbooks, resources and company-wide memos in one centralized spot, taking away any guesswork when it comes to locating these items. Storing this all in one location builds a dependable communication channel with your team and keeps your HR manager’s email inbox open to handle more pressing tasks.

Start 2021 Off Right

Self-service portals are the future of managing your employees, especially in a remote environment, so why not treat your team and start off the new year with a streamlined HR system? DM Payroll Solutions’ MyInfo self-service portal is a simple, intuitive interface that empowers your employees to manage their HR experience wherever they are, whenever they need to. To learn more about our MyInfo self-service portal, contact us today.