Payroll Briefs

The Transformative Power of a Quality Onboarding System

October 26, 2023

In today’s business landscape, the importance of a well-structured onboarding system cannot be overstated. It’s not merely a routine human resources process, but a pivotal moment that can shape an employee’s entire tenure within a company. In most instances, the onboarding process is the first impression of the company, whether good or bad. Having a proper onboarding process and system ready to capture data from the time of application through their first day of employment is essential.  

Even with the progression of technology, many companies still conduct several onboarding functions by hand. This can quickly become overwhelming for any human resource team trying to manage their growing workforce in an evolving environment of complex regulations, tax guidelines, benefits, employee manuals and piles of paperwork. It doesn’t have to be this way. Below are five benefits of using a robust onboarding system:  

  1. Improved Employee Retention – Starting a new job is a major adjustment and the onboarding process can leave a lasting impression. A well-designed onboarding program helps new hires feel welcome, engaged and confident in their roles. When employees feel valued and supported from day one, they are more likely to commit to the company’s mission and vision. 
  2. Increased Productivity – A comprehensive onboarding process ensures new employees quickly become productive members of the team. They receive the necessary training, access to resources and a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. This not only reduces the learning curve, but also helps employees contribute to the company’s objectives from the outset.  
  3. Reduced Paperwork and Files – The onboarding process produces a lot of paper. Onboarding software offers an easy, user-friendly online platform, allowing new hires the flexibility to review, fill out and legally sign all their forms before even coming in for their first day. Not only does this benefit the human resource team, but also the new hire by focusing their first day on learning their new role versus filling out paperwork.  
  4. Mitigated Compliance and Risk– In many industries, compliance with laws and regulations is of utmost importance. A robust onboarding system ensures employees receive the necessary compliance training, minimizing the risk of legal issues and potential liabilities for the company.  
  5. Enhanced Data Collection – A quality onboarding system provides critical data to improve and streamline processes, allowing you to capture data throughout the entire hiring process.  

A quality onboarding system is a strategic investment benefiting employees by providing a smooth and engaging transition into their roles. It can give the organization a tremendous advantage through increased retention, productivity and alignment with company values.  

At DM Payroll Solutions, our solutions are driven by automation. We offer both Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and onboarding systems to our clients. Within our ATS, we collect applications, manage interviews and send offer letters. Once the new employee signs the offer letter, our onboarding system goes through the complete evolution of a new hire into an employee, from the completion of critical forms and sign-off of employee manual reviews. The onboarding system uses auto-population tools and push mechanisms to trigger completion with minimal effort by the human resources team and incoming employees. By using a coordinated ATS and onboarding system, applicants and new employees experience a seamless path to joining your company. If you are ready to simplify your onboarding process and move from manual to automated, contact us today.