Payroll / Online Services

Of course we can still print, cut and mail paper checks but shouldn’t you demand more from your payroll company? Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a large corporation spread across the globe, DM Payroll Services makes payroll easier for everyone.

Employee Login Ability

We refer you to the aforementioned, is discussed in the Payroll Processing tab. It is a source of valuable information. Part bulletin board, part library, part self-managed Human Resources Department, it is a convenient method by which employers can broadcast information on a company-wide basis (i.e., the notice for a blood drive, or the […]

Paperless Payroll

Paperless payroll offers distinct advantages to all concerned. For Employers: We provide immediate and detailed accounting reports, and all data are securely housed on your server. Because of the fact that there is no paper to be printed and mailed, there are no handling or courier fees, nor any indirect fees or costs. Since there […]

Payroll Processing

Processing payroll since our founding in 1962, our private firm has seen marked changes in the processes by which employers perform the transaction of paying their employees. Of course, we still can print, cut and mail paper checks, but with increased computerization in our industry in general, and firm in particular, we now apply digitization […]

Payroll Garnishments

You likely understand the importance of responding to court orders for garnishments on employee pay, but did you know you could be held liable for the amounts if you fail to calculate them correctly? At DM Payroll Services we offer four reminders about garnishments to help you avoid this potentially costly payroll mistake. As an […]

Remote Check Printing

A method not yet practiced by many firms in our industry, remote check printing allows you to print and then release a paper check even in the physical absence of the person in your company who is authorized to sign it. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, or MICR, is the electronic process by which sensitive documents […]

Tax Filing Services

  We appreciate that the very meaning of being an entrepreneur is that of risk-taker. Most any organization that grows to become large started its life as a small one, and was founded by an individual taking a chance, albeit one hedged on audacity and savvy. While we applaud such determination, we also recognize that, […]

Check Calculation

Have you ever found yourself needing to issue a manual paycheck to an employee outside of your scheduled check run? At DM Payroll Services our systems provide you with the ability to process a manual check. Our systems will calculate all the necessary taxes and withholding and keep your company earnings records up-to-date. Stop pulling […]

Funding Notification

Another way by which we show our dedication to providing the highest-quality service is our Funding Notification. With regard to helping you to avoid costly payroll-related overdrafts, we take the initiative in communicating with you. As a result, our system is programmed to send you timely e-mail reminders to remind you to submit your payroll […]