Payroll / Online Services

Of course we can still print, cut and mail paper checks but shouldn’t you demand more from your payroll company? Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a large corporation spread across the globe, DM Payroll Services makes payroll easier for everyone.

Payroll Processing

Processing payroll since our founding in 1962, our private firm has seen marked changes in the processes by which employers perform the transaction of paying their employees. Of course, we still can print, cut and mail paper checks, but with increased computerization in our industry in general, and firm in particular, we now apply digitization […]

Payroll Garnishments

You likely understand the importance of responding to court orders for garnishments on employee pay, but did you know you could be held liable for the amounts if you fail to calculate them correctly? At DM Payroll Services we offer four reminders about garnishments to help you avoid this potentially costly payroll mistake. As an […]

Remote Check Printing

A method not yet practiced by many firms in our industry, remote check printing allows you to print and then release a paper check even in the physical absence of the person in your company who is authorized to sign it. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, or MICR, is the electronic process by which sensitive documents […]

Funding Notification

Another way by which we show our dedication to providing the highest-quality service is our Funding Notification. With regard to helping you to avoid costly payroll-related overdrafts, we take the initiative in communicating with you. As a result, our system is programmed to send you timely email reminders to remind you to submit your payroll […]

Employee Self-Service

DM payroll Services understands the value of employees having open access to their employment information. We have created a self-service website that enables employees to both view and change their information as they go. Whether this is viewing their pay vouchers or making changes to their W4 information, DM Payroll Services provides the solutions your […]

Payroll Cards

DM Payroll Services strongly encourages all of their clients to go paperless. Knowing it will save their businesses time and money, while also protecting them from potential theft/fraud. However, we realize that direct deposit is not a singular solution for all employees. This is why we offer payroll cards. Payroll cards are safe, easy-to-use, and […]

General Service Overview

1. Payroll Processing Our custom designed payroll processing software enables our company to provide flexible, quality services for all of our clients. Our system is continuously updated to cater to the ever-changing needs of our clients. 2. Complete Payroll Tax Filing We will file your taxes on your behalf, promising both accuracy and timeliness to […]

Certified Payroll

Manually completing your certified payroll report is a time-consuming process that may result in several expensive prevailing wage violations. That is why we automate the certified payroll process for you. Never get caught off-guard by unexpected wage restitution with DM Payroll Services. Certified Payroll Checklist √ List of employees √ Employee job classification √ Total […]

Payroll Security

At DM Payroll Services, we understand the importance of adopting reliable security solutions in order to protect our clients. This is why we provide a secure, HTTPS and Citrix® protected platform that enables access to your employees’private payroll information without the risk of outside intrusion. Your security is our priority at DM Payroll Services. • […]

Time Off Requests

Simple and intuitive, our employee self-service site eliminates the challenges of both managing and monitoring employee time off requests. When an employee submits a request, administrators are instantly notified and given the option to approve or reject the time off request. • With the Myinfo site, requesting time off is made easy • Employees can […]