Time & Attendance

Our hosted time and attendance solution makes labor management both time and cost effective. And because our payroll and timekeeping solutions work together in a single point of entry, say goodbye to lost information, lost time and lost money.

Single Point of Entry

An integral element of our system – and one of which we are very proud – is the functionality that requires data to be entered only once. As an employee’s data is entered into the payroll system, in real time, they are added to both the payroll system database as well as the time and […]

Time off Requests

Under our Employee Self-Service portal, we implement streamlined systems by which employees are able to request time off, and receive a reply, nearly immediately. As with so many of our features, requests for time off are submitted in real time, as are any changes made to the schedule. This means that there is no more guessing and […]

Family & Medical Leave Act

The Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) gives qualified employees the ability take a leave of absence without jeopardizing their jobs.  Employers are required to maintain specific records which track the amount of leave employees takes on a daily basis. This record keeping process can be tedious and laborious.  To simplify this task DM Payroll Services FMLA tracking program allows […]

Biometric Hand Reader

With the implementation of this device, gone will be the days of your worries about one employee punching in or out for another. “Buddy punching” is impossible with a system that requires authentication of a physical trait, and this does. Moreover, we can provide you with other such devices that make “buddy punching” difficult, if […]

Web Time Entry

Is your time and attendance system creating more work for you yet still not providing you the critical data that you need to manage your labor costs? At DM Payroll Services we can not only simplify your time and attendance process, but also automate it! We use one of the most robust and accommodating workforce […]

Schedule and Attendance

  Through a strategic partnership, we offer a complete scheduling feature that is designed to enable the creation and management of both permanent and temporary employee schedules. This provides supervisors with the ability to create a distinct point of reference for employee information, while providing the system with the expected start and end times of […]