Houston payroll provider, DM Payroll Solutions, offers a variety of employee pay options to meet your payroll administration needs.

Houston Employee Pay Options

Since each business’s payroll administration needs are different, offering a full suite of employee pay options to your staff is crucial. Houston payroll provider, DM Payroll Solutions, is equipped with numerous options to pay your employees, ensuring your staff is paid without hassle, no matter which payment option they prefer. 

Our Employee Pay Options

Despite the growing popularity of online banking, not all of your employees will have the same pay preference. No matter if they prefer the flexibility of direct deposit or traditional paper checks, DM Payroll Solutions has an employee pay option for every member of your team.

Direct Deposit

If you offer direct deposit to your staff, everyone wins. Other than saving time spent making trips to the bank, employees gain instant access to their earnings on payday and you benefit from bankrolling an unlimited number of accounts in one platform.

Pay Cards

Not every member of your staff may be a banking customer, and for those who aren’t, DM Payroll Solutions offers pay cards to accommodate their needs. Pay cards are easy to use, remove the inconvenience of check cashing and are totally free to employees and employers. Each payday, employees’ wages are deposited onto their pay cards, offering instant access and online management of their pay.

Paper Checks

If your business (or your employee) prefers traditional paper checks, DM Payroll Solutions has you covered. Our paper checks come with the added bonus of alerting you of any uncashed checks 180 days after issuance.

If your organization is looking for dependable and intuitive employee pay options, contact Houston payroll services provider, DM Payroll Solutions, today.