Trust DM Payroll Solutions’ Houston onboarding software to simplify your HR department’s hiring process.

Houston Onboarding Software

There are numerous challenges HR managers must navigate when onboarding new employees. From managing the mountain of paperwork they administer to setting a positive tone for the employee’s first day of work, onboarding is a tedious process. However, it doesn’t have to be if you partner with the right Houston payroll provider. DM Payroll Solutions has an integrated onboarding software that was developed with automation in mind, creating a positive onboarding experience before your new hires start their first day of work.

The Advantages of Houston Onboarding Software

DM Payroll Solutions’ Houston payroll services come with a robust Quick Onboarding tool, fully automating the onboarding process for HR managers. Some of the benefits of automation include:

Decreased Administrative Tasks

Since new hires’ data is gathered online and integrated into the company’s HR software, manual data entry is no longer required. Payroll setup is streamlined into the system and HR managers can easily track the onboarding status of applicants with the stage reporting functionality.

Easy Data Collection

No employee likes to be greeted by a pile of paperwork on their first day, so our Houston onboarding software creates the opportunity for new hires to enter their information online before starting their new role. The online platform walks employees through entering their employment and direct deposit information, as well as signing off on their entries to start their new job off strong.


When an employee sees you leverage an automated onboarding system complete with customized branding, they see you’ve invested in your future employees. Houston payroll provider DM Payroll Solutions allows employees to access your company policies and their role expectations to start their first day off strong.

DM Payroll Solutions’ Houston onboarding services reduce the complications of onboarding, allowing your HR team to focus on engaging with your new employees. To learn more about our Houston payroll services, contact us today.