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Houston Payroll Services

Your HR team has the task of processing payroll each pay period – why make it a tedious task? Houston payroll services provider, DM Payroll Solutions, is here to streamline your payroll processing and keep you compliant each time you run payroll. Our user-friendly payroll solution allows users to sign off on employee-made changes, preview payroll before it’s been processed and hit “submit” with confidence.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: DM Payroll Solutions’ Houston payroll services empower users to simplify how they process payroll. Long gone are the days of manual data entry, complex calculations and general ledger itemization. Quickly audit, edit and run payroll accurately each pay period.

A Wealth of Resources: DM Payroll Solutions’ software comes equipped with a vast library of payroll resources and an experienced customer service team standing by to assist you.

Frameworks Built for You: Your company’s payroll needs differ from others’, which is why DM Payroll Solutions’ in-house programmers create your payroll solution from the ground up to meet your needs.

Pay Options: If your business leverages direct deposit, certified payroll, paper checks, pay cards or a combination of these, Houston payroll services provider DM Payroll Solutions has you covered with a comprehensive suite of pay alternatives.

Real-Time Reporting: Easily gain insights on your payroll processing with our intuitive dashboards and real-time reporting capabilities to help you make informed business decisions.

Payroll Tax Expertise: When you select DM Payroll Solutions as your Houston payroll services provider, you’re choosing to partner with a team of payroll tax experts. Each of our customer service team members has a degree in accounting and a wealth of firsthand payroll experience to assist you with the complexities of payroll tax compliance. We can answer all of your questions about tax administration, filing requirements and jurisdiction regulations to ensure your employees are paid correctly and on time.

Employee Self-Service Portal: Our MyInfo self-service portal empowers your employees to access their own tax forms, pay stubs and more, freeing up your HR team’s time.

Air-Tight Data Security: Rest assured your company’s financial information and your employees’ personal information are protected by our Citrix-backed, encrypted infrastructure.

Running payroll is an important part of your business that could leave you penalized if handled incorrectly. Trust DM Payroll Solutions’ 60 years of experience to not only keep you compliant, but to simplify your operations and ensure your employees are paid correctly. Contact us today to learn more about our Houston payroll services.