Rest assured Houston payroll provider, DM Payroll Solutions, is here to keep you compliant when it comes to wage garnishment management.

Houston Wage Garnishment Management

Wage garnishment management is a common payroll task for many HR managers across the country. However, this doesn’t mean it’s any less of a nuisance. Mishandling employees’ wage garnishments could not only lead to financial consequences, but also legal ones. Employers must be cognizant of federal, state and local regulations when garnishing wages, as well as regulations specific to the garnishment itself.

DM Payroll Solutions’ Houston wage garnishment management feature automates the process for employers, handling the garnishment process on your behalf from entering the garnishment into your payroll software to withholding wages from your employees’ pay.

Perks of Wage Garnishment Services

Instead of spending valuable time handling employee garnishments, DM Payroll Solutions streamlines the process for you, reducing the stress and risks involved. When you select DM Payroll Solutions for your Houston payroll services, you receive the following wage garnishment advantages:

Correct Deductions

Instead of manually calculating the garnished wages from your employees’ paychecks, our Houston wage garnishment software precisely calculates the amounts on your behalf each pay period. These amounts are also automatically reconciled.

Prioritized Garnishments

If you have sensitive garnishments that must be addressed urgently, DM Payroll Solutions prioritizes them to ensure they’re paid out first.

Automatic Payments

Our automatic wage garnishment transfer feature remits payment to collection agencies so you don’t have to remember to.

Compliance Above All

DM Payroll Solutions’ wage garnishment management software regularly updates with new federal, state and local regulations to ensure you’re protected from compliance penalties, no matter if your employee’s garnishment originates locally in Houston or in any jurisdiction across the nation.

When it comes to navigating your organization’s wage garnishments, air on the side of caution by partnering with Houston payroll services provider, DM Payroll Solutions, to keep you compliant. Contact us today to learn more about our wage garnishment services.