Michigan payroll services provider, DM Payroll Solutions, offers an end-to-end benefits administration system to simplify the benefits process.

Michigan Benefits Administration

Employee benefits can be complicated to set up and difficult to manage. Instead of navigating this process alone, DM Payroll Solutions’ software integrates with end-to-end benefits administration systems to streamline the benefits process for your organization. By incorporating your Michigan benefits administration into an online system with automation, your employees experience a smoother benefits roll-out and your HR team gains better oversight of benefit plans.

Advantages of Automating Your Benefits Administration

Choosing to automate your benefits administration system with Michigan payroll provider, DM Payroll Solutions, offers a myriad of perks to your HR team.

Quick Online Enrollment

When open enrollment comes around, employees are guided through an online self-service platform (accessible via the internet and mobile app) to compare benefit plans, make their selections and manage contribution levels. Employees are empowered to manage their enrollment information as well as update their profile with influential life events that could impact their benefits.

Integrated Administrative Duties

DM Payroll Solutions’ all-in-one Michigan benefits administration feature allows you to accomplish a variety of HR tasks in one platform, including:

  • Updating plan choices
  • Enrolling new hires
  • Monitoring employees’ eligibility and their enrollment statuses
  • Staying compliant with COBRA administration
  • Accessing real-time benefits reporting
  • Creating automatic deductions through our payroll system

Automatic Data Sharing

Our solution’s automatic workflows share payroll deductions, compensation adjustments and demographic information between your payroll and benefits system to avoid the need for manual data entry.

Branded Benefits Portal

Customize your company’s benefits portal with your logo, colors and graphics for a cohesively branded employee portal.

DM Payroll Solutions’ benefits professionals are prepared to answer your questions as well as those of your employees whenever needed. If you’re in need of Michigan payroll services that can also boost the efficiency of your organization’s benefits administration, contact us today to request a quote.