Trust DM Payroll Solutions, a Michigan payroll provider, has an onboarding software to streamline your hiring operations.

Michigan Onboarding Software

When it comes to onboarding new hires, HR managers are all too familiar with the challenges of collecting employee data and setting the tone for an employee’s first day of work. With a mountain of paperwork to be completed and multiple systems to enter the employee’s information into, onboarding can be one of the most tedious parts of the job. However, with the correct Michigan payroll provider on your side, managing your new employees could be a simple, automated experience.

DM Payroll Solutions, a Michigan payroll provider, created a software that offers integrated onboarding efforts to develop a more effective experience to engage with your new employees before they even step foot in the office.

The Benefits of Michigan Onboarding Software

DM Payroll Solutions’ Michigan payroll services come equipped with a Quick Onboarding tool that fully automates the onboarding process. HR managers can benefit from:

Reduced Administrative Duties

Employees’ data is collected online and integrated into the company’s HR software, virtually eliminating the need for manual data entry. HR managers also benefit from streamlined payroll setup as well as stage reporting to know where a new hire is in their onboarding journey at a glance.

Simplified Data Collection

Instead of bombarding employees with a pile of paperwork on their first day, our onboarding software walks new hires through the data entry process, allowing them to input their data, verify employment and direct deposit information, and sign off on their entries to ensure an error-free start to their new job.

Good First Impression

Having an automated onboarding system in place from a Michigan payroll provider exemplifies your organization’s professionalism. Employees can access all the necessary first-day paperwork, company policies and much more ahead of time online to hit the ground running on their first day.

DM Payroll Solutions’ onboarding services allow your HR team to lessen its focus on manual data entry and spend more time engaging with new hires. To learn more about our Michigan payroll services, contact us today.