Trust Michigan payroll provider, DM Payroll Solutions, to help you navigate the complicated process of wage garnishment management.

Michigan Wage Garnishment Management

Many HR managers across the country regularly handle wage garnishments for their employees, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less of a payroll nuisance. If garnishments are improperly handled, employers may face steep financial and legal consequences, so complying with federal, state and local regulations is critical. Moreover, there are also regulations that must be followed specific to the different types of garnishment orders.

DM Payroll Solutions, a Michigan payroll provider, has payroll software with integrated functionality to help handle not just your Michigan wage garnishment management, but all of your wage garnishment needs.

Benefits of Wage Garnishment Services

DM Payroll Solutions’ wage garnishment services reduce the stress and risk that come with handling employee garnishments by streamlining your garnishment process. When you choose to use our Michigan payroll services, you gain access to a variety of wage garnishment management benefits, including:

Precise Deductions

Long gone are the days of manually calculating garnishments from your employees’ pay. Our Michigan wage garnishment software accurately calculates these amounts and reconciles them for you each pay period.

Prioritized Withholding

DM Payroll Solutions prioritizes the withholding of your more urgent garnishments to ensure they are addressed and paid out before any others.

Automated Payments

Never worry about forgetting to remit payment to collection agencies again with our automatic wage garnishment transfer feature.

Confirmed Compliance

Our Michigan wage garnishment management solution automatically aligns with federal, state and local regulations to ensure you’re free from compliance penalties no matter where the garnishment originates from.

Don’t risk costly legal fees when it comes to compliance and your employees’ wage garnishments. Contact Michigan payroll services provider DM Payroll Solutions today to learn more about our wage garnishment services.