Create a welcoming and professional experience for your new employees with DM Payroll Solutions’ robust onboarding software.

Onboarding Software

With DM Payroll Solutions, managing the onboarding process of your new employees has never been simpler. Our onboarding software is focused on automation, engagement and simplicity to ensure your employees feel welcome and well-prepared before their first day on the job. DM Payroll Solutions handles the formalities of onboarding and frees up your HR team to focus on creating a welcoming experience for your new employees.

Efficient Data Entry: Long gone are the days of mountains of paper documents on an employee’s first day. DM Payroll Solutions’ online, step-by-step onboarding software guides new hires through inputting their employment information, direct deposit setup and e-signatures to easily start their new position. Your HR team receives employees’ information before your new hires even walk through the door.

Engage New Employees: Share your company’s expectations, company policies, core values and more to have your new hires feeling like a part of the team before they show up for their first day. Having a welcoming onboarding experience is an employee’s first impression of working for your company – make it a strong one with DM Payroll Solutions.

Cohesive Branding: Exhibit your company’s brand with our cohesive onboarding software able to be customized with your logo, company colors and more.

Simplified Onboarding Workflows: Your HR team can benefit from online data collection, sharing automation and stage reporting to easily check off administrative tasks when hiring new employees. Payroll setup and profile management are a breeze, taking one less thing off your HR team’s to-do lists.

DM Payroll Solutions’ robust onboarding software is your company’s answer to a cohesive process when welcoming new employees. Instead of your HR department spending hours manually inputting new employee information, they can focus on getting new hires ready for their roles and engaging with your company.

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