Pay your employees the way you want with DM Payroll Solutions’ payday options.

Payday Options

Each business has unique payroll administration needs, which is why DM Payroll Solutions offers a full suite of payment options. Our payment options make getting your employees their paychecks a hassle-free process, every time.

Direct Deposit: By implementing a direct deposit plan, you save time and hassle for both you and your employees. With immediate access to funds on payday and an unlimited number of accounts that can be bankrolled, your employees can collect their pay with ease.

Pay Cards: For employees who aren’t banking customers, DM Payroll Solutions offers pay card options, eliminating the inconvenience of check cashing for your employees. Payroll cards are safe, easy-to-use and completely free to both the employer and the employee. Direct deposit funds are placed on the card each payday, giving your employees instant access and online management of their pay.

Paper Checks: Since direct deposit is not a singular solution for all employees, DM Payroll Solutions also offers traditional paper checks with notification of any uncashed checks 180 days after issuance.

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