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Payroll Cards

DM Payroll Solutions strongly encourages all of their clients to go paperless. Knowing it will save their businesses time and money, while also protecting them from potential theft/fraud. However, we realize that direct deposit is not a singular solution for all employees. This is why we offer payroll cards. Payroll cards are safe, easy-to-use, and completely free to both the employer and the employee when used correctly. Try them out today and see for yourself with DM Payroll Solutions.

Why your business should use payroll cards:
• Eliminates printing and postage expenses
• Free set-up and no check-out charge
• Funds are immediately available
• Can be used to pay bills electronically
• Receive alerts when deposits are made
• Easy funds transfer between cards
• No lost or stolen checks
• Eliminates opportunity for fraud
• Lost cards are replaced within 24 hours