Trust DM Payroll Solutions’ payroll processing services to keep your data secure, boost your operational efficiency and offer qualified payroll guidance.

Payroll Processing Services

At DM Payroll Solutions, our team is focused on problem-solving each of our clients’ payroll and workforce management challenges. We have over 60 years of experience in payroll processing services and aim to be your all-in-one employee management solution, changing the way you hire, develop and oversee your staff. Instead of sticking to traditional payroll processing, our team also helps with talent management, benefits administration and comprehensive reports. Easily manage all facets of your company’s HR department in one intuitive single-point-of-contact platform when you partner with DM Payroll Solutions.

Keeping Your Data Secure

Many companies who offer payroll processing services opt to store sensitive client information in the cloud, an increasingly vulnerable target for cybercriminals to try and access. To avoid harmful data breaches to your company and its employees, DM Payroll Solutions uses a Citrix-backed, encrypted server so you can rest assured your data is secured. Not only is your sensitive information kept private on our server, but our solution is also able to be accessed anywhere at any time. Our team regularly updates our system with the latest in regulations and solution updates so you never have to.

Customized Payroll Processing Services

Your business is different from the next, which means a one-size-fits-all payroll solution is guaranteed to cause you operational headaches. Whether your payroll configurations are simple or intricate, DM Payroll Solutions’ team of in-house developers can create your own framework to boost your operational efficiency. Our customized dashboards and streamlined user flow give you a big-picture look at your business while easily allowing you to hone-in on different data points.

Team of Payroll Professionals

The last thing you want to hear is an automated response when you call in with concerns about your payroll. DM Payroll Solutions’ customer service team is based in the United States and are each equipped with a degree in accounting to best serve you. Long gone are the days of merely recommending how-to tutorials; when you call in to chat with one of our representatives, expect comprehensive insights into the complexities of payroll processing.

To learn more about our payroll processing services, contact DM Payroll Solutions today.