DM Payroll Solutions’ payroll software makes it easy to hire, develop, oversee and pay your employees.

Payroll Software

When it comes to something as important as your business’s payroll, your payroll software must be able to keep up. With over 60 years of experience in payroll processing, talent management, benefits administration and reporting, DM Payroll Solutions is here to revolutionize the way you hire, develop and oversee your people. Our robust payroll software allows you to get a big-picture look at payroll processing while easily being able to hone-in on integral data points. Easily manage all of your payroll tasks into our intuitive platform and let your HR team focus on what really matters: your employees.

Custom Payroll Software

Your company’s needs are unique and will naturally differ from the next business. As a result, out-of-the-box payroll solutions will cause more trouble than they’re worth. However complex your payroll needs are, DM Payroll Solutions is committed to providing custom payroll software to meet your goals. Our in-house developers tailor your payroll framework to not only increase your overall efficiency, but to make it easy for you to access the numbers that matter most to your business.

Air-Tight Data Security

While our competitors choose to leverage the cloud to store their clients’ information, cybercriminals are no match for DM Payroll Solutions’ payroll software. We use a Citrix-backed, encrypted server, ensuring you peace of mind when it comes to both your business’s and clients’ information. While we take great pride in our server’s security, our clients also benefit from accessing it from anywhere and at any time. Forget about manually updating your software and staying up-to-date with the latest payroll tax regulations, as we do it on your behalf.

Customer Service from Payroll Professionals

We know our clients don’t want to communicate with a robot when they have payroll concerns, nor do they want to speak with someone who doesn’t understand the complexities of payroll. Fortunately, DM Payroll Solutions’ customer service team is well-versed in the challenges that come with processing payroll and are each equipped with an accounting degree. When you call us with a question, expect comprehensive insights instead of referring you to a how-to tutorial.

For more information about our payroll software, contact DM Payroll Solutions today.