DM Payroll Solutions helps you gather all the necessary workers compensation information required by your insurance company.

Workers Compensation Reporting

When managing your Workers Compensation, do you find yourself asking the following questions?

  • How do I calculate payroll premiums and complete my payroll report?
  • What is a Split Payroll Report?
  • How do I calculate overtime on my payroll report?
  • Where do I send my payroll report if my policy is in jeopardy of being cancelled soon?
  • How can I verify State Fund received and posted to my payroll report?

Let DM Payroll Solutions take the hassles out of your Workers Compensation. We can help you with all the necessary information required by your insurance company and in turn:

  • Maintain control over your Workers compensation costs
  • Minimize the hassles of gathering employee information for reporting
  • Make it easier to manage and analyze the premium payments with your carrier