Maintain control over your workers’ compensation costs with intuitive reporting from DM Payroll Solutions.

Workers’ Compensation Reporting

Reporting your workers’ compensation data is an important aspect of doing business, but it doesn’t have to be a burden on your team. DM Payroll Solutions’ workers’ compensation reporting feature allows you to maintain control of your premiums and pay the appropriate amount of coverage without all the hassle.

Accurate Tracking: Easily track and calculate your employees’ wages subject to workers’ comp and premium payments with designated employee risk categories – making it easier to analyze and negotiate premium payments with your carrier.

Pay as You Go: Leverage our partnerships with different insurance providers to pay your workers’ comp payments each time your payroll is run to help improve cash flow from payday to payday.

General Ledger Feed: Choose to have your workers’ compensation expenses integrated into your general ledger software each pay period to avoid future accounting adjustments.

Audit Confidence: Rest assured your premiums will be calculated accurately based on your actual payroll and validated with a quick report based on any 12-month period to minimize the risk of a workers’ comp audit and hefty payouts come year-end.

Rely on DM Payroll Solutions to help simplify workers’ compensation for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings.