Customer Service

At DM Payroll Solutions, we understand the importance of having highly educated professionals guiding our clients through the payroll process. That is why our customer service team consists of 4-year accounting degreed staff, specializing in all aspects of payroll processing. So when you have a payroll-related question or concern, trust DM Payroll Solutions to be there with a personalized solution for you.
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Explore Our Services

DM Payroll Solutions offers a way to process your payroll through our comprehensive payroll system designed for any sized business. And unlike some of our competitors, our payroll system was built from the ground-up by our team of full-time developers, allowing us to fit the needs of our clients and not worry about the limitations of our software and technology. After-all wouldn’t you rather be using a payroll system built by a payroll company?
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Human Resources

Isn't it time you transformed your HR Department into a strategic resource? Whether your biggest HR challenges are On-Boarding your new employees, managing existing employee information, benefit tracking or simply staying compliant, DM Payroll Solutions has a solution to help streamline your process.
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Newsletter Archive

From payroll to HR to benefits, Payroll News is a newsletter focused on providing you valuable information to assistant your business by keeping you aware of the latest trends, tax laws and strategies
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Payroll / Online Services

Of course we can still print, cut and mail paper checks but shouldn't you demand more from your payroll company? Whether you're a small business just starting out or a large corporation spread across the globe, DM Payroll Solutions makes payroll easier for everyone.
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Today’s business needs data now more than ever. DM Payroll Solutions extensive list of built-in reports makes it easy to capture and display your data in seconds. Need a customized report? Our team of developers are available to create a report that best fits your needs.
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Tax Filing

Meeting compliance for your federal, state, and local taxes is quite the challenge. Failure to appropriately file your federal and state tax withholdings may amount to a 15% added penalty. So why take the risk? DM Payroll Solutions will file your taxes on your behalf. We promise accuracy and timeliness to all your filings, while taking responsibility for any filing-related penalties or accrued interest. Protect your business and protect yourself with DM Payroll Solutions.
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Time & Attendance

Our hosted time and attendance solution makes labor management both time and cost effective. And because our payroll and timekeeping solutions work together in a single point of entry, say goodbye to lost information, lost time and lost money.
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